Community Life

“They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer” - Acts 2:42.

Living together in Christian community is a transformational experience and a powerful part of the U4C program. With that in mind, U4C is very intentional in cultivating a healthy, Christ-centered community life in the house through a variety of ways.


What does a typical week look like?

Time will be devoted to worship and Bible study as a house. What’s more, students learn to serve each other through weekly household chores and a weekly family-style meal. One of the expectations we have of students during their year in the city is that they will participate in the spiritual life of the house to the fullest of their abilities. See our Community Life Standards that were adopted by the U4C Board of Directors.

Who lives in the houses?

Students in the U4C Program live in the two houses as does a Resident Director and Assistant Resident Director. These people will be there to support you, answer questions, provide leadership in household issues, help mediate any conflicts that come up in the house, and most importantly provide the spiritual oversight of the house.

What is the cost?

Housing costs for U4C during your year in the city are separate from the tuition you pay school. However, your financial aid does cover housing costs; it is just paid separately. The cost of rent/utilities is approximately $400 per month. You can pay for your housing in one payment at the beginning of each semester or choose to make monthly rent payments; whichever is easier for you. Rent is due the 1st of each month and a rental agreement must be signed before moving into the house. Students must also submit a deposit equal to one month’s rent before moving in to the house in September. The deposit will be refunded at the time you move out of the house. Cost of food is additional and must be covered by the student.

What are the houses like?

Your home during your year in the city will be one of the completely restored 1920’s two-story duplexes set in the dynamic and diverse neighborhood of Ventura Village in South Minneapolis. The houses offer free laundry, multiple kitchens, and historic charm, and modern conveniences like wireless internet and a security system! Students are able to have cars while in the program, however it is street parking. When there is a snow emergency you are able to park your car in St. Paul’s Lutheran parking lot.

What does U4C provide?

U4C provides students with a room in the house that contains a bed, desk and dresser. The program also provides the furniture and supplies for all common areas of the house… ie. living room furniture, dining room table, pots and pans for the kitchen and a washer and dryer for you to use. You are responsible for providing all bedding and décor for your own room as well as sharing household chores and preparation of community meals with the rest of your housemates. Although the house will have secure wireless internet, you are responsible for bringing your own computer.

When do I move in?

Move-in and orientation typically occurs over Labor Day weekend in early September of each fall. It’s a weekend of great excitement and anticipation. Although more specific details on move-in dates and an orientation schedule will be mailed to you over the summer months before your year in the city, know it will be a fun weekend spent getting to know each other, the expectations of the house and starting to explore what it means to live in Christian community together. For those in the program there is the possibility of moving into the house the summer before and/or staying in the house after your year in the city.

Ventura Village—the Philips Neighborhood 

What will I do when I’m not in class or at my internship?

A perfect opportunity to explore your new neighborhood! As one of the most diverse neighborhoods in South Minneapolis, Ventura Village offers much for you to explore: beautiful fabrics at the Somali mall, fresh homemade tortillas at the Mexican market, playing a pick-up game of basketball with kids at Peavy Park, just to name a few. Close to bus lines and light rail, parks, ethnic restaurants & shops, your opportunities are endless!

Find yourself and God in the most unique of places—Ventura Village!

Where will I worship while living in the city?

It is expected that while you are doing your year in the city a key piece of that is getting involved in the life of a congregation that is located within our neighborhood. 

Area Churches by neighborhood


Bethlehem Baptist Church
Bread of Life Pentecostal Church of God-942 Oakland Ave 
Akina Community Church
Messiah Lutheran Church
New Hope Baptist Church
West Phillips Neighborhood Church-2525 5th Ave. So.
Open Door House of Prayer-615 East 28th St.
Solid Rock Church-2941 5th Ave. So.

New Genesis Baptist Church-
2914 Bloomington Ave. S 
Oliver Christian Ministry Center
Shiloh Temple/Phillips-
2647 Bloomington Ave.
Familia de Fe Presbyterian-2647 Bloomington Ave.
Salvation Army/Temple Corps