Do I have what it takes to consider U4C?


Yes! You do not need to have a lot of ‘urban’ or ‘cross-cultural’ experience coming into U4C, that is why you are in the program – to get experience!

U4C is a great place to prepare for going into the mission field, a variety of ministry environments in the church, graduate study or seminary, work in a parachurch or nonprofit organization, as well as for those interested in such fields as business, law, nursing, social services and education.

The global world is becoming local, so regardless of where you live or the work you do you will need to know how to work effectively cross-culturally. Today urban doesn’t mean just core city, either. Small and mid-size town throughout the United States are dealing with "urban" and cross-cultural issues.

Get ready. Get equipped. Now.

"It takes an open mind, living through the Spirit and seeing the world through his eyes. Having a heart for the city is important as well, or at least a willingness to ask God to give you his heart."  ~ Nou 
"To be in the U4C program you need to be able to devote a school year to South Minneapolis.  You will want to be able to get the big picture.  You will need to be comfortable being in different environments outside of your normal college life." ~ Mike
"A willingness to learn and engage in the spiritual war in the city where everything is naturally high-strung.  To intercede for the urban people to fight for their restoration in non-conventional ways; believing God can do far more than you imagine." ~ Nat 

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