What is God doing in my city?

God is Doing Something New

God is doing something new in cities here in Minnesota and all over the world. Like never before in the history of the world, God is moving people to cities in increasing numbers. By 2025, 75% of the worlds population will live in large, complex, multi-cultural cities.  God is also bringing people of the world to us here in St. Paul and Minneapolis. You no longer have to travel thousands of miles to minister to the people of the world. They are here living and working in our neighborhoods.  Minnesota alone has nearly 800,000 new international immigrants. And that number continues to grow.

The Christian Church has a long history of global mission, traveling thousands of miles to share the Good News of Jesus. However, the context has changed.  The increasing challenge in the mission field is right here in our own backyard.  The mission field is no longer miles away; instead the mission field is now in our neighborhood, minutes from our workplace and under the shadow of our steeples.  And although these new international immigrants are now geographically close, they are culturally distant.  In order to reach our new 21st century world with the Good News of Jesus, we will need to do it cross-culturally. 

This is the critical time to learn how to reach our new international neighbors with the Gospel.  We need Christian leaders equipped to do so.  We need Christians willing to live our their faith.  We need Christians with a passion to impact the world for Christ.  Now.

What are YOU going to do about it? 

U4C is not just for ministry majors or those going into pastoral work in the church.  U4C is for every Christian wanting to learn how to better love God and love their neighbor.  The Christian Church is in desperate need Christian leaders ready to live out their faith with love in every vocational call.  U4C will help you

  • As a Teacher serving children in an urban public school
  • As a Development Director at a non-profit organization
  • As a Nurse serving in the emergency room of a local hospital
  • As an Human Resource Director at a Fortune 500 company
  • As a Project Manager for a regional construction company
  • As a Pastor at a local church

Where ever God calls you, you will be equipped and ready to go.

What are U4C students seeing God do?

"God desires to permeate the city with the salt and light of His children abiding and ministering in the midst. He is sounding the trumpet bear the whole Gospel of Christ to the broken systems of the city and to restore the victims." ~ Nathaniel 

"I see God working in the city through the people. He is moving. The people here are beautiful and when you look beyond the big buildings you truly get to see them. You can see it in their smiles as you pass them on the street or when you have a conversation with a perfect stranger. God has placed people in the city to live and feel the needs of the people and their daily struggles and works through them to reach people in the city, just as He uses me and you!" ~ Kryn

To find out more watch this clip on YouTube.