What do I do with an Urban Studies degree?


U4C is a new kind of program, raising up a new kind of leader!


  • Human Care
  • Missionary Work
  • Community Development
  • Immigrant Outreach Ministries
  • Multi-Ethnic or Church Staff
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Parachurch Ministries
  • Refugee Resettlement

Graduate Level

  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Law School
  • Social Work
  • Linguistics
  • Urban Planning

How have students sensed God leading them to use their Urban Studies degree?

"With my Urban Studies degree I hope to better serve the neighborhood that I am ministering in.  I hope to do this by better understanding the issues affecting the neighborhood in everyday life.  By God’s grace I also hope to be a better steward of what God has given me for the ministry He has prepared me for." ~ Mike 

"...to minister and raise a family in an urban context America or abroad; to be part of the generation to reach the city for Christ in a Non-profit, parachurch organization or traditional church ministry." ~ Nat 

"I am planning/hoping to start a Christian group home for homeless youth in Minneapolis."

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