right now . . .

We are in the midst of the largest human migration in history.

People from everywhere are moving everywhere.

More than half of the world's people live in cities. By 2025, 75% of people will live in large, multi-cultural cities.

And the Christian church is asleep. 

Are you equipped to bring the Good News of the Gospel to reach our cities for Christ?


The greatest challenge for the global 21st Century Christian Church will be to learn to reach the large multi-cultural cities at home and abroad. We are in the midst of the largest human migration in history. At this point, the Church is still asleep to this task.

Will you take the challenge? Want to be passionately involved in God’s unique challenge for your time? Need a place to get the skills and experience to be effective in your ministry? Take U4C and get equipped.  

U4C is an innovative program discipling and equipping college students to live out the Great Commission within an urban, cross-cultural context.  Come to live and learn in the city.   to vision and build ministries,  to show Christ’s love to the billions of God’s people in the cities. Even small-towns all over the US are now cross-cultural. You will be a trained to be a key leader.

Come and learn the newest insights in the greatest task your generation will face. You will learn in the exciting center of Minneapolis among more than 150 different cultures, in the middle of a city with plenty of recreation, beautiful parks, lakes and trails, lots of cultural activities and the vibrant interaction with people from every country on earth. It’s all right here in a metro area of over three million people.

U4C is a program unlike any other. It was created from “new cloth” to teach you to be a visionary leader in today’s global city.  It is a degree for church workers, business, government, non-profit organization leadership, pre-seminary or pre-missions. It is a marketable degree on the cutting edge of what God is up to in our world. 

You will be mentored weekly by the Executive Director of the program you will doing your internship in. You’ll have real-world class assignments to teach you hands-on. You’ll be worshiping as part of a vibrant congregation in the heart of the city. Come, and get passionate about what God is doing in the city! 

We’ve got everything ready for you!